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The Process Industry Centre PIC was founded in 2008 by the Swedish process industry and the Foundation for Strategic Research. Located at Lund University and Linköping University, the aim of PIC is to provide knowledge for the process industry to ensure future success. The academic disciplines of Chemical Engineering, Automatic Control and Production Economy form the centre with several industrial partners from the Swedish process industry. 

  • The three keywords for PIC research
  • Steel is an important product from the swedish process industry
  • The polyethene reactor at Borealis, Stenungssund
  • Overview of the research projects in Linköping, Lund and PIC-opic
  • Power plant
  • Stenungssund



PIC-Lund is a collaboration between the departments of Chemical Engineering and Automatic Control and several partner companies. The research projects emphasize case studies and the development of decision-making tools. The centre also offers short courses for the industry twice yearly.

More about PIC-Lund is found at the website www.pic.lu.se



The research at the Centre is focused on integrating optimal planning and management in the process industry, and represents a cooperative effort involving the subjects Production Economics, Optimisation Theory and Automatic Control at Linköping University. PIC-Linköping offers a Master's programme Process Industry Management. 

More information about PIC-Linköping is found here

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A summary of the activities and deliveries of the centre 2008-2014 is available in a printed broscure. 

It can also be downleaded here


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PIC conference

The latest research in PIC and trends in the process industri will be presented at the yearly PIC conferences. 

For passed conferences (PIC'2013, PIC'2014 and PIC'2015), see Konferens. 

Competence development

Courses are given within a Master's programme at PIC-Linköping  




Contact: info@processindustrycentre.se